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This is our range of extra large scooters.

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The SHOPRIDER™ Rocky 6 Updated Model Now Available is a range topping model from Shoprider. It now has a number of upgraded features that ensure this scooter is still the bench mark for ride quality and smooth handling. The new features on the Rocky 6 include Gas Adjustable Tiller & Rear Adjustable Suspension plus all […]

Pathrider 140 XL

The Pathrider 140 XL bristles with high performance features like Full suspension Hydraulic sealed brake system The Pathrider 140 XL is a blend of power and precision, equipped with a sleek, aggressive design and a wealth of standard luxury touches making it a standout in its class. All combined, these features make it the ultimate […]

Pathrider 130 XL

The Pathrider 130 XL features a powerful drive train and large 33cm (13″) pneumatic wheels to handle rugged outdoor terrain. Luxury touches include: a wraparound easy drive tiller low-profile non-marking tyres seat post suspension for a smoother ride an LED kerb light These features blend seemlessly to give the Pathrider 130 XL a sleek, sporty […]

Rocky Golf 2

The SHOPRIDER™ Rocky Golf is an extra large scooter designed to take on the challenges of the Golf course, while providing comfort and reliability. The Rocky Golf has a variety of performance features including, wide tyres, High torque motor and is enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake. Features Include: T Bar  Tiller / Adjustable […]

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